Teacher Profile: Yasa Rasakhoo

Each month, we’ll be featuring a different Yoga Nook teacher on the blog so you can learn more about their unique styles, personalities and inspirations. Plus, all scheduled classes taught by the teacher of the month will be $10 community classes all month long!

Today we’re getting a jump-start on April with Yasa Rasakhoo. Read on to find out why we love her, then stop by Yoga Nook to experience her classes firsthand:

Monday 6:45-8 p.m. — Classic Yoga Level 1 & 2
Wednesday 7-8 p.m. — Qi Gong/Chi Kung
Saturday 8:30-9:30 a.m. — Qi Gong/Tai Chi

What originally drew you to the practice of Yoga? How has your practice changed over time? 

I have always been interested in Eastern practices, especially Yoga, meditation, and Qi Gong. I have been meditating for 35 years and practicing Yoga to some degree for the same period of time. My newest love, Qi Gong, came into my life in the last five years. I studied Qi Gong at the School of Chinese Medicine and am amazed at the power it has to heal the body and mind.

Why did you decide to become a Registered Yoga Teacher? What inspires your teaching today? 

I decided to become a yoga teacher six years ago. I had no definite idea why, except that I wanted to further deepen my knowledge and understanding of anatomy and the philosophy behind Yoga. I am inspired by how Yoga evolved and is still growing and changing constantly. The sky is the limit.

How would you describe your teaching style? What makes your classes unique? 

I like to teach slow and steady classes because of my Qi Gong background. I use the ideology behind Chinese medicine, that using and warming up the joints gives us much more access to the poses and makes the practice pain-free, soft and easy, and enjoyable.

Are there any particularly memorable or transformative moments from your practice or teaching that you would like to share? 

Every class is unique and memorable. My teaching improved when I decided to be myself and not imitate other teachers or books, and I realized that this is the only way I can teach – by being myself.

What is your favorite pose, and why? 

My favorite pose is Side Angle (Parsvakonasana), because it is so beautiful and expansive. The technique of shortening one side to be able to lengthen the other side is very appealing to me. It is an awesome pose.

What advice would you share with a student looking to deepen his or her practice?

Be yourself. We are all unique in our own ways. Let your practice BE and not DO. Love what you do and enjoy the students. Know that we are all just one energy expressing uniquely.

If you could choose one quote that best encompasses your approach, what would it be?

“Connect to the breath.” Follow your breath, let it guide you through your teaching and practice. It will do magic for you.