RYT 200 training starts next week! We checked in with recent grads…

Can you believe our next RYT 200 teacher training is right around the corner? The deadline to sign up is this coming Wed, Jan. 18, and our first meeting is Fri, Jan. 20. We have a few spots left — call Jeni at 805-390-8175 and check out the syllabus!

As we look forward to this gathering of a new group of kindred spirits, brought together by our love of Yoga, we thought we’d check in with a couple recent grads to see what they’re up to:

“As a graduate of the Yoga Nook RYT 200 training, I am now able to apply all that I’ve learned toward my ‘day job’ working with children with Special Needs — as well as teaching in the community. It was the best decision I ever made to bring my practice to the next level.

Yoga is so much more than poses and breathing. It’s a way to help transform your lifestyle and bring you back to your true self.” — Niki Lewin

“The Yoga Nook teacher training is a life-transforming experience. It taught me so much about myself. I realized that the physical practice of Yoga is just the tip of the iceberg in becoming a teacher.

I’m currently teaching two days a week at a community center in Westlake Village, and at Yoga Nook whenever possible. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is a lover of Yoga. It has deepened my practice in every way.” — Yael McMillan

If you’re feeling a desire within to grow your own practice or teach others, call Jeni at 805-390-8175 and view the syllabus here. Be sure to sign up before Wednesday!


Edith’s Story

Twelve years ago, Edith Tucker was not thinking about Yoga. She was attempting to recover from a fall that crushed her tailbone and herniated several discs.

The journey to recovery was long and hard, including two failed back surgeries, steroids and chronic pain that resulted in depression.

After moving to Simi Valley 19 months ago, Edith found Yoga Nook. “I was just driving around and saw the sign,” she said.

A few days later, she took her first-ever yoga class.

“I loved it. I could feel my body strengthening and changing in the first few months,” said Edith.

But her physical challenges were not over. Six months later, Edith was diagnosed with a benign fibular head tumor that was growing and compressing healthy tissue. Tumors were also found on her thyroid and in her lung.

“I had to have major surgery again. My doctors removed the fibular head and are now keeping an eye on the other tumors.”

Edith’s friendly and enthusiastic personality was soon missed around Yoga Nook, and after a call from Jeni, Edith has returned to classes.

“I began to practice Yoga every day,” she said. “It helped me appreciate what my body could do despite my limitations. Gradually, my strength has improved.”

Yoga played an important part in Edith’s recovery and continues to support her despite a recent diagnosis of thyroid cancer.

“The only thing that has helped me get through all these issues is falling in love with Yoga each and every time I step on my mat.”

Indeed, Edith has been so profoundly affected by Yoga, it has inspired her to join Yoga Nook’s Teacher Training Program.

“I want to bring yoga practice to anyone who might need to heal as I have. Yoga has made me feel like a part of something bigger, part of a yoga family, and that has made me feel alive.”


Yoga Nook Member Profile: Jackie Cirrincione

This week on the Yoga Nook blog, we’re shining a light on one of our fantastic members: Jackie Cirrincione. Jackie tells us what led her to Yoga, what she values most about being a member and some of her favorite classes at the Nook.

What originally led you to begin practicing Yoga in general, and at Yoga Nook in particular? 

My doctor pointed me in the direction of Yoga because of the pain in my back. I was referred to Yoga Nook by a friend’s daughter-in-law who highly recommended it. Both my friend and her daughter-in-law have since moved out of the area and can no longer make it to Yoga Nook, and they miss it.

How has practicing Yoga and AIM (either group classes or one-on-one) benefited you? 

Practicing Yoga has helped me understand the limits of what my body can and cannot do. The instructors have shown me many things I can actually do when using the correct alignment. I miss the classes if something prevents me from getting to the studio.

Are there any stories you would like to share about your journey with Yoga? 

No specific story, but I am still amazed at how the instructors always take notice of who is new to their class. They make a point of introducing themselves and finding out what each member’s needs are. I have been so impressed by how they meet a new member one time and they remember their name automatically going forward. For me, that means a lot that someone would care enough to remember me after one introduction, and it makes me feel important.

What do you value most about being a member at Yoga Nook? 

Not only have I gained great value from the actual classes, which give my back the attention and support it needs, but I’ve also made friends with several of the other members. They are friendships I would be more than happy to continue outside of Yoga Nook. The Nook pulls in a really good class of people and is always a pleasant place to be.

What is your favorite class at Yoga Nook, and why? 

It is tough to pin down a specific class that I like because the variety of classes and instructors make many of the classes enjoyable for me. I try my hardest to never miss the Yoga 1 class given by Jessica on Monday nights or the Yoga 1 taught by Jeni on Wednesday nights. Then there is the Saturday morning Urban Yoga 1 — I really like that one as well.

And I cannot forget to mention the first time I took the Friday night Restorative Yoga. My first thought was, I don’t need a “nap” class, but it really only took one class for me to realize how beneficial restorative yoga is. Now I really respect what I get out of that class and don’t like to miss it either.

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Yoga Nook Member Profile: Patti Grammatis


Yoga Nook Member Profile: Patti Grammatis

In the last couple of months, we’ve taken a closer look at some of our beloved Yoga Nook teachers here on the blog. So far we’ve profiled Yasa Rasakhoo and Jess Nilson. To spice things up a bit for June, we’re turning our attention to YOU, our Yoga Nook members—and one fabulous member in particular: Patti Grammatis. Read on to find out more about Patti’s journey with Yoga, AIM and of course, Yoga Nook.

What originally led you to begin practicing Yoga in general, and at Yoga Nook in particular? 

I began practicing Yoga over three decades ago to develop a peaceful and calming hiatus from a very busy life. Through Yoga I found that serenity, and also found it to be a healthy exercise to keep me in shape.

When Jeni opened up the Nook minutes from my home in Simi, I was beyond thrilled. At both of her studios, she has developed a nurturing, friendly environment that welcomes newcomers and makes everyone feel at home. It’s a place that encourages friendships, and all the classes are taught by well-trained professionals who keep us safe. I feel so lucky to have the Nook so close by, and recommend that everyone tries it out!

How has practicing Yoga and AIM (either group classes or one-on-one) benefited you? 

Yoga has helped me cultivate a body/mind connection of awareness and flexibility that is a guiding light in my daily life. Yoga keeps me grounded, centered and calm. Three years ago, when I experienced a very painful frozen shoulder, it was Jeni’s gentle, one-on-one AIM sessions that helped me develop the full range of motion that no other therapy seemed to be able to, including acupuncture and traditional physical therapy. AIM teaches patience and a slowing-down that is the antidote to today’s fast-paced life.

Are there any stories you would like to share about your journey with Yoga? 

Several years ago, I decided to go through the Nook’s RYT 200 Teacher Training program. Our cohort was only the second to pass through Jeni’s skilled teachings, and we formed a special bond as we delved into the philosophy, anatomy and techniques of Yoga.

I was petrified (literally petrified) to teach my first five-minute portion of a class, although I had been a classroom teacher for over two decades by then. Slowly, all those fears subsided and I enjoyed teaching a 20-20-20 class on Sundays. Then as a physical education teacher, I was able to lead over 60 middle schoolers in yoga classes that soon became my students’ favorite unit. Without the skill and support of Jeni, and the members of my Yoga Nook family, I know this would not have been possible.

What do you value most about being a member at Yoga Nook? 

One of the things I value the most about being a member of the Nook is the friendly, happy, welcoming environment. We always look out for each other and try to help newcomers feel at home so they too can reap the benefits of Yoga. In addition, Jeni and her teachers are constantly innovating and modifying techniques as we age to keep us safe and injury-free–that is very important to me, and the teachers at the Nook take great care to ensure our well-being.

What is your favorite class at Yoga Nook, and why? 

Every class I attend becomes my favorite class the minute we take our first deep breath. It took me quite awhile to develop this attitude, but it really works. I especially enjoy the meditation class on Mondays at 7:45 a.m. with Pat, because she grounds my day with wisdom and courage. I also enjoy classes with Kelly, Robin, Allison, Rachel, Yasa, and of course Jeni–to name just a few.