The Sane Asylum

I’m a busy lady, and never more so than since we opened Yoga Nook @ Fifth and started this year’s yoga teacher training. Sometimes I feel the weight of the work on my shoulders. The buck stops with me, and the responsibility for bills, taxes and employees can be heavy.

But I’m lucky — I have a place to escape to, and when I feel stressed I can make a cup of tea and imagine for a moment that I’m up in the mountains in our quiet house with just the sound of crackling fire and the tick of the living room clock. I see myself curled up with a book in the cozy, fireside chairs, a snow storm raging outside.

It’s hard to find time for ourselves. There are so many things clamoring for our attention: kids, work, spouse, family. The days seem jammed with work, chores and responsibilities, and in the evenings we’re so tired that frequently all we can manage is a few hours stuck in front of a TV screen.

What we all need is space, a place we can call our own. A space where we can post a “do not disturb” sign and stop the frenetic wailing of the world.

But where? Perhaps you have the luxury of a spare bedroom that could be converted from a junk catch-all to a safe haven. Maybe you could find a corner of the garden that’s secluded, or a patio area that could be dressed up.

One of my girlfriends invested in a small garden shed, added French windows and made a summer house for getting away from it all. You needn’t be as extravagant as that (though it was a blissful space) — it could simply be a corner of your bedroom.

Fill it with art and books, and surround yourself with the things that give you pleasure. Perhaps a comfortable armchair for reading or meditation, or some space for your yoga mat or a rug to stretch out on. Get a small fountain so you can enjoy the sound of water, light a few candles and include some plants if you have a green thumb.

Aim to spend some time in your “Sane Asylum” every day, reading or writing, meditating or just musing. Set a timer for 20 or 30 minutes and take a vacation.

A sacred space inspires creativity, promotes relaxation and gives us room to unwind. Once your family gets the idea that you are meeting a personal need with a time-out, and that you are withdrawing in order to be more present when they need you, they’ll start to respect your space.

When we nurture ourselves, we are able to give more freely to those around us. Invest in yourself — you are worth it.


Image credit: Lorianne DiSabato via Flickr (CC)

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4 thoughts on “The Sane Asylum”

  1. Thanks so much for the visualization band reminders to nurture ourselves. When things r going right easy to remember and follow through but when the world appears to tumble I will remember your comforting words. Enjoy the moment- Deborah

  2. Thank you, Jeni✨. The Yoga Nook has served as my Sane Asylum for the past 18 months✨. Forever grateful. Now to create such a nest in my own little abode!✨

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