Edith’s Story

Twelve years ago, Edith Tucker was not thinking about Yoga. She was attempting to recover from a fall that crushed her tailbone and herniated several discs.

The journey to recovery was long and hard, including two failed back surgeries, steroids and chronic pain that resulted in depression.

After moving to Simi Valley 19 months ago, Edith found Yoga Nook. “I was just driving around and saw the sign,” she said.

A few days later, she took her first-ever yoga class.

“I loved it. I could feel my body strengthening and changing in the first few months,” said Edith.

But her physical challenges were not over. Six months later, Edith was diagnosed with a benign fibular head tumor that was growing and compressing healthy tissue. Tumors were also found on her thyroid and in her lung.

“I had to have major surgery again. My doctors removed the fibular head and are now keeping an eye on the other tumors.”

Edith’s friendly and enthusiastic personality was soon missed around Yoga Nook, and after a call from Jeni, Edith has returned to classes.

“I began to practice Yoga every day,” she said. “It helped me appreciate what my body could do despite my limitations. Gradually, my strength has improved.”

Yoga played an important part in Edith’s recovery and continues to support her despite a recent diagnosis of thyroid cancer.

“The only thing that has helped me get through all these issues is falling in love with Yoga each and every time I step on my mat.”

Indeed, Edith has been so profoundly affected by Yoga, it has inspired her to join Yoga Nook’s Teacher Training Program.

“I want to bring yoga practice to anyone who might need to heal as I have. Yoga has made me feel like a part of something bigger, part of a yoga family, and that has made me feel alive.”


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