Yoga Nook Member Profile: Jackie Cirrincione

This week on the Yoga Nook blog, we’re shining a light on one of our fantastic members: Jackie Cirrincione. Jackie tells us what led her to Yoga, what she values most about being a member and some of her favorite classes at the Nook.

What originally led you to begin practicing Yoga in general, and at Yoga Nook in particular? 

My doctor pointed me in the direction of Yoga because of the pain in my back. I was referred to Yoga Nook by a friend’s daughter-in-law who highly recommended it. Both my friend and her daughter-in-law have since moved out of the area and can no longer make it to Yoga Nook, and they miss it.

How has practicing Yoga and AIM (either group classes or one-on-one) benefited you? 

Practicing Yoga has helped me understand the limits of what my body can and cannot do. The instructors have shown me many things I can actually do when using the correct alignment. I miss the classes if something prevents me from getting to the studio.

Are there any stories you would like to share about your journey with Yoga? 

No specific story, but I am still amazed at how the instructors always take notice of who is new to their class. They make a point of introducing themselves and finding out what each member’s needs are. I have been so impressed by how they meet a new member one time and they remember their name automatically going forward. For me, that means a lot that someone would care enough to remember me after one introduction, and it makes me feel important.

What do you value most about being a member at Yoga Nook? 

Not only have I gained great value from the actual classes, which give my back the attention and support it needs, but I’ve also made friends with several of the other members. They are friendships I would be more than happy to continue outside of Yoga Nook. The Nook pulls in a really good class of people and is always a pleasant place to be.

What is your favorite class at Yoga Nook, and why? 

It is tough to pin down a specific class that I like because the variety of classes and instructors make many of the classes enjoyable for me. I try my hardest to never miss the Yoga 1 class given by Jessica on Monday nights or the Yoga 1 taught by Jeni on Wednesday nights. Then there is the Saturday morning Urban Yoga 1 — I really like that one as well.

And I cannot forget to mention the first time I took the Friday night Restorative Yoga. My first thought was, I don’t need a “nap” class, but it really only took one class for me to realize how beneficial restorative yoga is. Now I really respect what I get out of that class and don’t like to miss it either.

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